Just Real, Honest, Marketing.

[Read in Sam Elliot’s voice]
Here at 7th Texan Marketing, we’re going to listen first then help get you where you want to be. We might come back with some recommendations, but you get to choose exactly what you want while we help guide you. It’s collaborative. Whether it’s websites, digital ads, SEO, social media or pert-near anything in between, you’ll get the best marketing this side of the Pecos. …And probably the other side too.

Pull the Trigger

Honest Straight-Talk

Having sat in 100’s of marketing agency meetings and I see two types of people in them:

  • Those who have no idea what’s being said
  • Those who are rolling their eyes at what’s being said

Folks want the truth. They want authenticity and honesty. That’s why you need a 7th generation Texan on your side.

And Lot’s of Tech Speak

Now don’t worry, I speak “tech” so you don’t have to. I’m a nerd, so I can help bridge the gap with marketing and IT departments. Put me infront of your IT team (or I can be your IT team) and we’ll make the magic happen.

 When you’re ready to strap your company to a rocketship and light the fuse, go ahead and just let me know.

Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Websites

Shoot, I’m Ready to Talk!

    ten bits ranch as sunset

    Terlingua, Texas – Ten Bits Ranch just outside Big Bend


    • Website Development
    • Website Hosting and Maintenance
    • Digital Ads
    • Social Media
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Google Search Ads (SEM)
    • Blogs
    • Branding / Company Identity
    • Local SEO (show up in Google Maps)
    • Online Reputation Management (you need to be 4.5 stars)
    • Email Marketing (stay top-of-sight, top-of-mind)
    • Analytics, Analysis, and Optimization
    • Lead Generation (get folks to your business)
    • Ecommerce
    • Growth Marketing
    • Account Based Marketing (ABM)

    If You Aint From Around Here, We’ll Still Take Ya Anyhow.

    What other marketing companies do.

    “Everything we set up is working incredible! You got a bajillion clicks and a gajillion impressions isn’t that great?”

    “We are going to maximize synergies by effectively optimizing integrations while improving strategic stragies that increase your ROI.”

    That’s called vanity metrics and jargon. You end up losing with this approach because that other company is only going to try to make themselves look good.


    How a real Texan does it.

    “Look, I went over the numbers and they are ok. I think we can do much better and heres what I am recommending?”

    “We tried this and it’s not getting the exact results we wanted. Let’s stop doing this and go back and do that other thing.”

    You end up wining with this appraoch because if we don’t get it right the first time, we soon will.


    sunset in the texas hill country

    Leakey, Texas – Grapevine Springs on Hipcamp


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